CHRISTMAS MIRACLE! & Pulze Radio Online

We are creating a Christmas miracle for two deserving women and their children... Tune in to see how you can help us!!

One is a woman experiencing domestic violence with a 7year old little girl. (we are almost finished collecting everything for her).

The 2nd is an incredible woman with stage four ovarian cancer. She opened a business to help other women living with cancer or survivors of domestic violence. She has 3 biological and 1 adopted child. Very special woman who we will continue to be there for until her last moment. On sponsored by ACM, Pulze radio online, ranieri electrical, Dan from,

Marc Labreque, My little preschool, Pouneh Shakiri, Moe Jabara, Koncept Interiors, Kaizer Painting, Nadia Stall, etc... and so many more! THANK YOU!!!!

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