Conkuer Clothing creator and mental health champion Geoff Carty shares the WHY this all came about and his plans for the future and what he hopes to achieve with his donations and public speaking. Geoff has lived the most severe of traumas; every type of abuse imaginable, the death of the love of his life (and my dear friend) Emma, violent unnatural murders, suicides, drug overdoses,etc of his best friends and family and is here to tell the story of how he got out of PTSD, alcoholism, drug abuse and depression to create this clothing line TO HELP OTHERS. It is his mission. This 300lbs pound muscle hulk who looks like life is pretty great is hear to say it ok not to be ok, it is ok to talk about it and HE IS THERE TO LISTEN. He shares helpful tips that have helped him through dark times that can def help others. Geoff is a friend of over 25 years and its amazing to see where he is today and a blessing for us to hear how and why he got there.


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