Jesse Karam Of Mosow Tea Room

Jessy Karam 33. Born and raised in Ottawa Canada. Played Football with my four brothers most my life growing up. Developed Friendships and brotherhoods that will stick with me for life. Its crazy how much like the military being involved in a sports team is like. You have each others backs, you fight with every breath for a cause. Especially in football putting your body through hell. We’ll be brothers for life. My Father was a head coach and role model to so many young adults and kids in this city. His influence and mark he’s left will forever be cherished, and I take pride in that. My Mother was by his side and ours every step of the way. Our house was known to the players as ‘Karamel City’ the infamous corner store house where the coaches wife always had popsicles and protein bars for everyone. Growing up My family always owned restaurants. I can still remember being a toddler running Around my Dads restaurant; at the time the ‘Green Valley’ on prince of whales just off baseline; Playing with the photocopier in the office. Running through the kitchen the head chef always having two scoops of orange sorbet ready for me. It was my industry of interest from day one. One could say it was in my blood. Worked at my uncle’s ‘Rock and Johnny’s’ when I was 14 as a buss boy. And from there it was nonstop. One job after the other being in bars and restaurants. Began bouncing, serving, bartending, supervising, event hosting, managing, and from there buying in to different establishments. Unfortunately, my father and late grandfather sold their last locations before I had become of age to take over or I know right now they’d be among the places I’d take pride in running. I’ve worked with virtually every establishment in Ottawa for the last 16 years, and its only growing. Currently I’m involved with the wonderful and absolutely amazing Dreammind family and corporation, running the ‘Moscow Tea Room’ 527 Sussex dr. And helping everyday with our charity ‘Operation Ramzieh’ and food drives through our newly established grocery store, the ‘Noor food Market’ 332 Richmond rd. in Westboro. 

I know with Covid now things have slowed down for a while but I don’t look at that as a bad thing. Gives us a chance to regroup, focus. Help the community. Feed the hungry. And as we work on coming back, bring back the vibe and love we all got into this business to share. God Bless. LISTEN HERE

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