Lianne is someone that I wanted to interview from day one of deciding to do this podcast. She is inspirational and I was fascinated to hear her back story and why she decided to switch from a super succesfull career on tv for so many years to creating her own podcast focused of health and wellness. She discusses how she learnt so much from her own guests and it helped her improve her own life. We discuss how she was head hunted for the numerous position titles she caries at the Ottawa Heart Institute. We cover philanthropy, volunteering, raising money, donating and her vast network of contacts through the years of media related positions she has held.

Health and wellness being paramount to her were topics we covered including the death of her father and making time. Meditiation has been something she added into her life on a daily basis and we go over simple things everyone can do to improve their daily lives. An inspiring convo of focusing your life, being healthy, not letting fear stop you from following your dreams, living your best life, taking care of yourself and so so so much more.

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